Carrie Zeller Photography | About

Award Winning, Nationally Published, Southern California based photographer and videographer, Carrie Zeller is widely known for capturing the essence of life with every image she takes, whether it be on the face of a lion in Africa, a gazing child in a Nepal Village, or the love of a family welcoming a child into the world.  Her unique ability to apply her talent towards many areas has garnered Carrie clients ranging from Lifestyle, Weddings, Family, Editorial, Wildlife, Yoga and beyond. Carrie’s ability to make you feel so unbelievably comfortable during a shoot produces angels, expressions and moments unlike you’ve ever seen yourself before. She makes everyone completely relaxed so that ‘life’ can happen, then she captures it magically.

Shooting with Carrie you’ll experience so much more than a typical shoot where it’s simply just taking photos or video. She has a keen eye for creative direction, an artistic approach, styling, wardrobe suggestions, script guidance and beyond which she graciously includes in each session.

You can find Carrie’s work featured at numerous art festivals including Sawdust Art Festival (Laguna Beach, CA), Art Fest (Scottsdale, AZ), and Art Festival (San Diego, CA).  She holds features in many national publications such as  American Style and Popular Photography. Carrie servers as a contributor on photography and film making knowledge for various publications, including Laguna Beach Magazine.


Based in Laguna Beach, California Carrie is also available to travel to you!  You will find her traveling regularly around the world where she captures nature, history, and human culture in Africa, Australia, Europe, India, and New Zealand.   An avid Yogi herself, she has photographed numerous Yoga shoots in Bali and is the official photographer of the Yoga Lifestyle Brand, KORE MOVEMENT 


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