The definition of photography is "the process of taking pictures with a camera."   However, Southern California based photographer Carrie Zeller does anything but "take pictures."  She captures the essence of life with every image she takes, whether it be on the face of a lion in Africa, a gazing child in a Nepal Village, or the love of a family welcoming a child into the world.  Her ability to make her subjects comfortable in the presence of a camera is what sets Carrie apart.  As Carrie explains, "on a shoot, my job is to make everyone totally relaxed so 'life' can happen, then I capture it."

Having studied art in college, Carrie brings an artistic approach to every photograph she takes. Her work has been featured at numerous art festivals including Sawdust Art Festival (Laguna Beach, CA), Art Fest (Scottsdale, AZ), and Art Festival (San Diego, CA). This combination of art and photography elevates Carrie's creative vision.  Her work has been featured in American Style and Popular Photography and she has contributed her photography knowledge to various publications including Laguna Beach magazine.
Carrie travels regularly around the world where she captures nature, history, and human culture from such places as Africa, Australia, Europe, India, and New Zealand.   An avid Yogi herself,  she has photographed numerous Yoga shoots in Bali.   
Having been in business since 2007, Carrie has built a tremendous reputation with her clients by delivering images that captures their essence of life.